KANEYAMA Dried Seaweed Flower Salad (20g)

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With fresh taste and beautiful color, KANEYAMA Dried Seaweed Flower Salad is a healthy, vitamin-packed salad that is super quick and easy to make. 
Simply add water, let it grow, and gently pat dry!

Product of South Korea

1 Pack = 20g
1 Case = 12 Packs 

Pro Tip: Add light dressings or chogochujang along with fresh vegetables for extra flavor!

Check out our blog post for more information & topping ideas~

INGREDIENTS: Seaweed (Dried Wakame Agar, Dried Gloiopeltis Tenox, Dried Gigartina Tenella Green, Dried Gigartina Tenella Red, Dried Carrageenan Red, Dried Carrageenan Yellow