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Who we are

Kaneyama USA started with a vision: To offer a variety of authentic East Asian foods never be seen in the US before. Today, Kaneyama USA has fulfilled that vision, providing restaurants and home cooks with top quality, fresh food products and ingredients for almost 2 decades. Our wide range of healthy & flavorful foods is sure to please anyone looking for real Asian cuisine.

Where we are


Head Office

21 Grand Ave Suite 111 Palisades Park NJ 07650 USA

T 201-541-5461


Kaneyama Retail & Warehouse

61 Grand Ave Palisades Park NJ, 07650 USA

T 201-870-5414


What we sell

  • Premium Quality Sushi Nori
  • Sushi Ginger White/Pink
  • Sushi Rice & Sushi Roll Mat
  • Frozen Wakame
  • Seaweed Flower Salad
  • Furikake-Rice Seasoning
  • Kimchi, Hangover Relief Jelly, etc


Where you can find Kaneyama Products

  • Walmart
  • Restaurant Depot
  • Local grocery market
  • Online shop at kaneyamausa.com


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