Our Kimbap Series - What is Kimbap?

Our Kimbap Series - What is Kimbap?

Kimbap (김밥) or Gimbap 

An answer to the Japanese sushi roll or California roll, Kimbap is a Korean Seaweed Rice Roll. Gim (김) means seaweed and Bap (밥) means rice in Korean. It is commonly eaten as a full meal, just like a special sushi roll. A great on-the-go meal, Kimbap is also a staple in Korean cuisine (especially to bring on outings, picnics, and trips)! Like Sandwiches in the US, there are a million different types of Kimbap!


You can make your own Kimbap with

KANEYAMA Yaki Sushi Nori,

KANEYAMA Sushi Rice, and

KANEYAMA Bamboo Rolling Mat!

You can fill your Kimbap with ANYTHING! Any type of protein (meat, tofu, fish), veggies, eggs, or anything else. This means you can personalize your Kimbap to include all your favorite ingredients and to fit your own dietary needs. This also means you’ll get a great amount of nutrition and vitamins all rolled into one dish! Like salad, but better~ 


Kimbap gives you the perfect opportunity for you to add your own unique culinary twist. You can use Kaneyama’s recipes ↓↓↓↓ down below or reference them and add your favorite fillings~

Traditional (Meat) Kimbap Recipe

Veggie Kimbap Recipe

Tuna Kimbap Recipe


Click HERE to watch our HOW TO ROLL KIMBAP Video!